McQuade Gets GOP Nod For District Attorney

McQuade Gets GOP Nod For District Attorney

The Nassau County Republican Party has nominated Frank McQuade to run for the Nassau County District Attorney. McQuade is an attorney with 24 years experience. He boasts a long record of civic, charitable and political activity across Long Island.

“I will be waging a campaign of ideas” said McQuade. “Many of my political ideas and philosophies of civil liberty are different from my opponent, and I hope that those differences will be shown clearly in the course of the campaign. I intend a campaign that is lively and respectful, as one would expect of a District Attorney.”

McQuade hails from Long Beach. He has previously run for the Nassau County Legislature in its inaugural race in 1995, and in 2006, was the Republican candidate for the New York State Assembly’s 20th district.

“The people are so deserving of choice,” said McQuade. “My candidacy will give them a compelling choice.”

The election will take place Nov. 5.